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Missed Opportunity

Book 3 in the Dìleas Security Agency Series
He chose love over family

Ryder Montague was ready to abandon the weighty expectations of his aristocratic British family if it meant he could be with his Oxford love, American Nathalie Williams.

​She chose family over love

Nathalie wanted nothing more than to be with Ryder. But when her father's company is threatened with bankruptcy, Ryder's father offers her a choice: he will bail out her father if she breaks up with Ryder and never tells him the truth.

​Will they have a second chance?

Eight years later, Ryder is head of personal security for Dìleas Security Agency. The female head of a company with ties to the U.S. Department of Defense is being stalked. When Ryder finds out that woman is Nathalie, he personally takes on the role of her bodyguard. He wants answers as to why she left him all those years ago so he can finally put her behind him.

​Danger stalks Nathalie, but nothing is more dangerous to her heart than Ryder. If he finds out why she left him, will he ever give them a second chance at love?

​Or will it be another Missed Opportunity?
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