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Missed Opportunity

Book 3 in the Dìleas Security Agency Series
Missed Opportunity
She broke his heart. Now he's her bodyguard.
Can he let down his walls for a second chance at love?
Or will her secret and his past destroy them both?

Ryder Montague was ready to abandon the weighty expectations of his aristocratic family for American Nathalie Williams. Her brutal rejection on the eve of their graduation from Oxford shattered him and his dreams for their future.


Eight years later, he’s a transformed man—a toughened ex-SAS soldier and leader of Dìleas Security Agency’s elite executive protection team. When a new client in the States turns out to be Nathalie, Ryder reluctantly takes the assignment, determined to prove his love for her is nothing but an old memory, best forgotten.


Nathalie sacrificed everything, including Ryder, to fulfill her father’s dream of creating a safer and more lethal combat jet after her brother’s plane went down in Iraq. Now, she’s about to present an AI-enhanced software design to the US military that will revolutionize America’s Next Generation fighter. Only someone is determined to stop her, and her new bodyguard is none other than the shy, sweet boy she loved in college—now a sexy, dangerous man. Old emotions resurface even as she vows to keep Ryder from finding out the real reason she walked away from him.


When Nathalie’s stalker turns his sights on Ryder, her secret isn’t the only thing standing between them. If they are to have a second chance at happiness, they must put aside the past and work together to stay alive.

Or will it be a Missed Opportunity?

Available in Kindle Unlimited, eBook, and Paperback

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