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Missing in Action

Book 2 in the Dìleas Security Agency Series
Missing in Action

A need for justice she can’t ignore.
A need to protect he can’t deny.
An enemy out to destroy them both.

Foreign service officer Emily Dane is used to taking risks and standing up for what she believes in. As the daughter of a retired Navy SEAL, she’s determined to live life on her own terms, without her father’s overprotective shadow. But when she helps two young girls escape a sex trafficking ring in Paris, she unintentionally puts herself in the crosshairs of a powerful crime lord.

When Emily goes missing, it falls to former Navy SEAL Nathan Long to rescue the very woman he slept with the night of his best friend’s wedding. The one who ran away the next morning without so much as a goodbye. The one he can’t get out of his mind.

Nathan is determined to protect Emily at all costs. But Emily is equally determined to prove that she can handle herself and doesn’t need anyone’s protection.

Together, they must navigate treacherous waters as the danger intensifies, and their feelings for each other grow. Will they be able to overcome their differences and work together as a team to bring down the enemy, or will stubbornness and pride tear them apart and leave them Missing in Action?

Maggie Award Prepublished Winner 2020

Available in Kindle Unlimited, eBook, Paperback, and Audio

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