Near Miss

Book 1 in the Dìleas Security Agency Series
He’s a hostage to his past.


Betrayal and death haunt former British SAS soldier Lachlan Mackay. A job in the States gives the Scot an opportunity for revenge. However, his beautiful new colleague inspires him to want to be a different man. He’s drawn to her light, but he's learned the hard way that a pretty face can mask an evil heart.

She has something to prove.

Sophia Russo's new job is merely a stepping stone to her ultimate dream job. Too bad it comes with strings attached when her best friend’s father asks her to spy on her new colleagues. She can’t afford to jeopardize her reputation or her heart by falling for the dangerously sexy head of global security. The shadows in his eyes call to her, but he might be more than she can handle. And he might be a criminal.

The past won’t stay dead.

The tables are turned when Sophia finds evidence in a dead man’s office of criminal ties to an Afghan warlord which points to Lachlan. His search for the truth leads to an attempt on his life that forces him into hiding. Sophia is caught in a deadly game between Lachlan and an unknown enemy from his past. An enemy who is closer than either of them realize. To save Lachlan's life, Sophia may have to betray him. Lachlan is forced to do the one thing he swore he’d never do again: 


Trust a woman with his life.